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  • We have an exciting opportunity for a skilled Back-end Developer to join Vantis's exceptional team.


    • Take ownership of our entire IT infrastructure, including our products and IT systems in our clinical facilities, tailoring it to drive the company's growth and success.
    • Lead the development of our digital products, such as our therapy backend (built with Python, Django, and PostgreSQL), and oversee the deployment and technical operations to ensure smooth and secure product performance. We use Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform for our Cloud-based infrastructure.
    • Collaborate with the product team to transform ideas into actionable development plans for new products and features.
    • Manage and configure all IT systems across our headquarters and clinical facilities to provide optimal support for users and facilitate innovation. Implement robust IT security measures to continuously safeguard systems and data integrity.
    • Utilize data analysis and systematic approaches to enhance the self-improvement capabilities of our products.
    • Maintain up-to-date documentation of architecture, infrastructure, and processes, contributing to a well-organized and professional development environment.
    • Play a vital role in building and nurturing a strong engineering organization and fostering a positive development culture.


    • 2+ years (Also open for Mid and Senior candidates) of professional software development experience with excellent knowledge of software design principles
    • Proven track record in designing and implementing secure cloud infrastructure
    • Proficiency in server administration and strong understanding of infrastructure as code principles
    • Familiarity with a wide range of services, tools, or technologies including Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker, Python, Django, Nginx, CI/CD, Git, and Monitoring
    • Excellent English communication skills and working proficiency
    • Thriving in our dynamic startup environment, you naturally take ownership, assume responsibility, and are always eager for new challenges


    • Possibility to work remotely up to 70% of the time
    • Prospects for additional education and advancement
    • Horizontal organizational structure and inclusive decision-making

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