Visa Sponsorship Jobs with relocation support

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Germany

A lot of companies in Germany are happy to provide help for visa sponsorship. If you are relocating to Germany from abroad, chances are that you will require a work permit. Obtaining a work permit / visa could be tricky based on which country you are from and where you want to work. To help with this, companies usually do the paperwork or hire a relocation agency.

How does Visa Sponsorship in Germany differ from traditional visa sponsorship?
The traditional way of visa sponsorship requires the company to pay or sponsor your visa. A known example is the H1B visa for USA which can be a lottery system (for example, if you come from India).
Visa Sponsorship in Germany is rather simple. If you are qualified for a job and have an employment contract, you can apply for a work permit yourself. There is no concept of your employing having to sponsor a visa. This is generally true for most European countries.
Do all companies in Germany provide visa sponsorship?
In the cases where native language is required or where the employee is required to start immediately, visa sponsorship might not be possible.
If I have a work contract, can I get a work permit / via quickly?
Obtaining a work visa can require a lot of time and it can vary from country to country. In Germany, this is basic idea on how to get a work permit.
  • Get a work contract
  • Prepare the required documents - Travel Health Insurance, a place where you can stay, etc
  • Obtain an appointment at your local German Consulate or Embassy and submit the visa application
Can I get a work visa without speaking the local language?
Yes, knowing the local language is usually not expected. For example, you can get a work visa for Germany without speaking German. Your best bet is to find a English Speaking Jobs.
How much taxes will I pay in Germany?
That depends on a number of factors such as your income, if you are married or not, which state you live in, your health insurance, etc. Use our income tax calculator.