Picture of Adithya

I'm Adithya. In 2018, I moved from India to Berlin, Germany to work as a Software Engineer. When I first moved here, the amount of bureaucracy left me confused and often frustrated by. This starts from finding an apartment, registration (Anmeldung), getting your work visa sorted, etc.

Why I built a job board

Couple of years later, I decided to find a new job. When I used job boards, I was generally dissatisfied with how slow, clunky they were; often with annoying popups asking you to register an account. As a Software Engineer, I decided to solve a problem of mine with the skills that I had.

In a couple of weeks, I had the initial version of the job board working, and I decided to make it online. I chose the name Arbeitnow (Arbeit in German means work) and published it. In April 2021, I found my next job in Berlin through Arbeitnow. With lots of people finding their jobs, it is mentioned as one of the best free job boards in 2022.

I run Arbeitnow in addition to my full-time job. I built it based on what would have helped me in 2018 or 2020. A job board that provides jobs

  • with visa sponsorship
  • relocation support
  • English (or German) friendly

Now I write guides on how to live in Germany, navigate through bureaucracy on the blog. I build tools to make my life easier like the Salary Calculator, to give you (and me) an idea of how much you can earn in Germany.

If you're curious about more, follow me on social media, or write me an email.