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The list of companies is non exhaustive and only lists the companies with jobs in Arbeitnow. For a longer list, please check the awesome hiring without whiteboards guide
A list of companies (or teams) that don't do "whiteboard" interviews. "Whiteboards" is used as a metaphor, and is a symbol for the kinds of CS trivia questions that are associated with bad interview practices. Whiteboards are not bad – CS trivia questions are. Using sites like HackerRank/LeetCode probably fall into a similar category. The companies and teams listed here use interview techniques and questions that resemble day-to-day work. For example, pairing on a real world problem or a paid/unpaid take home exercise.


San Francisco, CA


San Francisco, CA / Los Angeles, CA / New York, NY

Technical phone discussion with architecture manager, followed by behavioral interview focusing on soft skills


San Francisco, CA; Austin, TX; Mountain View, CA; New York, NY; Remote

Take home project that resembles a problem Airtable solves for. Five hour on-site which includes a discussion of the project, UI design, discussing architectural tradeoffs, and code debugging.


Los Angeles, CA

Discussion with senior engineer, and then practical pair programming related to my experience + the position


Paris, France / San Francisco, CA

Takehome project & Onsite discussions and presentation


Warsaw, Poland; Poznan, Poland; Torun, Poland; Wroclaw, Poland; Krakow, Poland

Take home, simple project. Series of 2 technical interviews (how to build things, how to solve specific, real world problem) and meeting with a team leader.


London, UK / New York, NY / Remote

Initial interview, pair programming then final round with general technical questions

Aragon One


Culture-first interview, take home technical challenge, technical interviews, and finally a compensated onsite trial week working on a real project that will be shipped



Take-home project & pair program on a problem similar to daily work


New York, NY / London, UK / Berlin, Germany / Los Angeles, CA / Hong Kong, Hong Kong / Remote

Our process: 1) Informal chat 2) Application 3) Phone screen 4) In-person interview with 1 lead, 2 individual contributors and 1 non-engineer (30-45 mins each), focusing on your work habits and expertise as demonstrated in your previous work 5) ~4 in-depth professional reference calls (30-45 mins each).


Prague, Czech Republic

Face to face interview (skype or onsite), coding task for 30 min, meeting with team members


New Delhi, India

A mini project (to be done within 8 days), followed by a discussion with the team you're applying to. Then as the final step, a call with one of the founders.

Aurora Solar

San Francisco, CA

Our process: 1) Initial phone call 2) 1 hour take home project in CoderPad along with a few essay questions relating to JavaScript, testing, etc. 3) Remote pairing session solving a problem similar to day to day work. 4) In-person interview with additional pairing exercise done on a laptop as well as culture interviews.


Bellevue, WA / Buenos Aires, Argentina / Remote

Series of interviews, go over technical background and past experiences, take-home project


Berlin, DE

Series of Skype interviews which covers general technical questions, followed by a take-home assignment



short take-home real-world task, then a few weeks-long real-world, part-time, and paid project on production code


Munich, Germany

Skype interview followed by home assignment from our day-to-day business and then on-site interview including lunch with a team


Chicago, IL

Pair programming interviews.



Take-home project, interviews with hr and engineering team.


Arlington, VA / New York, NY / San Francisco, CA / Remote

Take-home project, with discussion.


New York, NY

Take-home exercises and pair-programming with the team.


Amsterdam, Netherlands; Cardiff, Wales; London, UK; Atlanta, GA

Takehome project, interviews

Beam Dental

Columbus, OH / Remote

Phone Screen, Take Home Project, In-Person or remote Pairing and Cross-Functional Interview

Bemind Interactive

Biella, Italy / Latina, Italy / Remote

Series of interviews, discussion about technical background and past experiences, take-home project & pair programming

Blue Bottle Coffee

Oakland, CA

Technical Phone Screen, Take Home Challenge, Technical in-persons.


São Paulo, Brazil

Takehome project and an interview to evaluate the candidate's previous experience.


San Francisco, CA

Take home exercise, and systems design.



Interviews over video call, code walkthrough of real code focussing on decisions and reasoning, then a 45 day full time, fully paid contract project working on production code.


San Francisco, CA / Sydney, NSW

Take home exercise, half-day onsite walking through code, and pair programming.



No CV required. Anonymized writing assessments. Video chat with founder and future team member about you, the job, and the company. Last video chat is a pair programming for technical roles or more in-depth chat for non-technical roles. Offer.


London, UK; Austin, TX; Boston, MA; Beijing, China; Shanghai, China; Taipei, Taiwan; Tokyo, Japan; Remote

Review your open source contributions at shortlist stage. 4x60m interviews over Hangouts, each of which is carried out blind (none of the interviewers talk to each other until the final review). The company is fully remote, so there is no on-site.


Madrid, Spain

Phone screen, take-home project, team code review/interview, hiring manager interview


San Francisco, CA / Remote

Take-home project and discussion, followed by on-site interview that includes pair programming on actual CircleCI bugs/feature requests.

Civis Analytics

Chicago, IL

Take-home project and discussion via Skype, followed by pair programming exercise

Container Solutions

Remote; Berlin, Germany; Amsterdam, Netherlands; London, UK

Unbiased process in a nutshell: chat with one of our recruiters, skills assessment and tech assessment, personality assessment which is followed by an interview with one of our occupational psychologists to discuss results. At the end a panel interview.


Paris, France

Real-world challenges with open discussions.


Montreal, Canada

We Ask candidates to contribute meaningfully to an Open source project that reflects the stack they will be working with and send us a link to the PR.


New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Warsaw, Poland; Frankfurt, Germany; Remote

Video interview, 3-hours take-home assignment, technical video interview


Copenhagen, Denmark

Initial phone call. Take-home programming task, then on-site discussion followed by online personality test


Paris, France; Berlin, Germany

Take-home project, on-site interview and work half a day with one of our feature team


Mountain View, CA

Hackerrank test (but not CS trivia, it's real product problems) & on-site/take-home project w/ presentation



Phone screen, Blind take-home assignment, hiring manager interview, technical code pair interview, panel interview with sales, product, engineering and other stake holders.


San Francisco, CA

Pair program on a problem similar to daily work

El Passion

Warsaw, Poland

Take-home project, interview to 1) discuss delivered solution and 2) previous projects

Espeo Software

Poznań, Poland

30 min HR interview, 1 hour technical interview, 1 hour soft skills interview


San Francisco, CA; Dallas, TX; Remote

Phone call, a take home project similar to making a PR at work, then a meet & greet with the team.



Take-home challenge, portfolio discussion & team meeting


New York, NY; Remote

Take-home project, discussion on-site or remote, interviews with both technical and non-technical staff


Munich, Germany

Small real-world challenge, multiple interviews on-site/remote and social gathering with team.


Berlin, Germany

Take-home real-world challenge, interview on-site or remote


London, UK

Coffee with an Engineer; take-home kata; code review + on-site pair programming exercise.


Remote; San Francisco, CA; Boulder, CO

Take-home exercise, code review and technical discussions.



A series of video calls, and a coding exercise involving working on a Merge Request that is like a real work task


London, UK

Project to work at home, general technical questions, pair programming with engineers


Sunnyvale, CA

Pair programming with senior engineers


Bangalore, India; Jakarta, Indonesia; Singapore, SG; Bangkok, Thailand

Take-home exercise, Pair programming with senior engineer, Techinal problem solving and discussion, Cultural Fit


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Take-home project and/or discussion (on-site or remote)


Berlin, Germany

Take home project based on the candidate's experience and future responsibilities. Then discussion about the solution

Home Chef

Chicago, IL; Remote

Get-to-know-you meeting with the team, followed by a half-day collaborative coding session


Warsaw, Poland & Remote

Take-home project, technical interview with developer


Berlin, Germany

Take-home project, discussion on-site


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Take home test, real world pair programming


San Francisco, CA

Phone screening to discuss technical background and past experience. Take-home assignment followed by on-site code review and interview. Cultural fit assessment


San Francisco, CA

Phone interview. Pairing and technical interviews. Take home assigment.


Berlin, Hannover and Herne in Germany

Interviews and discussion


San Francisco, CA

Google Hangouts resume dive on past experience, take-home project OR architectural phone screen, on-site interviews (2 technical architecture related to work, 1 or 2 non-technical)



Follow-up questions over email, a couple of video calls, audition (paid real-world “try out” project), video call to discuss audtion, and then a video call with the CTO


Manchester, NH

Small take home exercise that will be presented to the team during a QA style interview


San Francisco, CA

Phone interview followed by onsite pair-architecting and discussion


London, UK & Remote

Phone interview with another engineer. Take-home assignment. Call to debrief on take-home assignment. Half-day interview (on-site or Hangouts) with three conversational sessions: (1) building on take-home test & real-world system design (verbal and collaborative); (2) digging into knowledge & understanding in 1-2 other relevant technical areas; (3) general background, teams and ways of working.


Warsaw, Poland; Remote

Takehome exercise & pair programming session


San Francisco, CA

Paid takehome project and online/onsite discussion


Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Lisbon, Portugal

Cultural interview, take home test, interview with CTO


San Francisco, CA

Take-home exercise & pair programming session


São Paulo, BR

Phone conversation, take-home exercise, code walkthrough, on-site code pairing.

Omada Health

San Francisco, CA

Take home exercise and/or pair programming session.


San Mateo, CA

Intro call with recruiting, second conversation with OneSignal engineer, onsite pairing via screenshare


London, UK; Lisbon, Portugal

Take-home exercise and on-site interview/discussion with potential team


Monza, Italy

On-site interviews


San Francisco, CA / Toronto, Canada / Atlanta, GA

Zoom / on-site pair programming and tasks


Los Angeles, CA; Remote

3 sessions: brief phone conversation (30 min); take home assignment (2 hours); on-site or video discussion without any coding (2 hours)


San Francisco, CA; Cambridge, MA

Initial screen with deep-dive into one of your recent projects (30 mins) ; take-home coding exercise tailored your skills (4 hours); on-site with take-home code review, architecture interview, design interview and "soft skills" interview (4 hours)



Two calls. Introduction one (30m) + verification of communication skills and remote work experience (15m)


Beijing, China; Shanghai, China; Guangzhou, China; Shenzhen, China; Hangzhou, China; Chengdu, China; Remote

Phone interview with HR, then a take home project. Finally 1-4 rounds of business interviews and 1 round of Founder interview(via phone, video, Face to Face...).


Remote Interview, Wide-Ranging discussions on many diverse subjects. Remote interviews with team members.


Salt Lake City, UT; San Francisco, CA; Boston, MA; Orlando, FL

Takehome exercise & pair programming session


Sydney, Australia

Engineering Consultancy And Delivery - Takehome exercise & discussion


Lodz, Poland; Remote

Take-home exercise & pair programming session


New York, NY; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Helsinki, Finland; Tokyo, Japan

Discussion, work samples from previous projects (work or hobby), take-home exercise if needed for further info


London, UK / Berlin, Germany / Krakow, Poland / Moscow, Russia / St Petersburg, Russia

Take-home exercise reflecting day-to-day work, technical interview via hangouts or on-site.


Linz, Austria; Vienna, Austria

Video call with recruiting staff, take home project, video call for code review, discussion, questions


San Francisco, CA; Atlanta, GA; London, UK

Phone interview, onsite interview (technical challenges based on real problems we've faced at Samsara)

Sensor Tower

San Francisco, CA

Phone call, on-site interview including discussion about projects/skills and a short real-world programming challenge

Signal AI

London, UK

Phone screen; take home code exercise; on-site code extension with pair programming and discussion

Helsinki, Finland

Discussion with recruiter and developers and a pair coding exercises


London, UK; Tel Aviv, Israel

Take home task, then a pair coding on it


San Francisco, CA & Remote

Tailored to the candidate, often consists of take-home work, discussion of real-world eng challenges, and product familiarity.


Durham, NC

Take-home project [related to business](


San Francisco, CA

Pair programming in a work environment


Stockholm, Sweden; Lund, Sweden; Karlstad, Sweden; Umeå, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark

Our process has few stages: a social interview with HR and 1-2 future teammates; a small take-home project followed by a technical discussion with 2-3 future colleagues. All stages can be in-person in one of our offices or via Google Meet


Amsterdam, Netherlands

take-home coding challenge and on-site interview


Arlington, VA

Take-home project and code review in-person

Richmond (London), UK

Live pair programming or take home project with review


Berlin, Germany

Pair programming exercise, 45min to 3h according to seniority and role.

Tesco PLC

London, United Kingdom

Pair programming and casual hypothetical system design discussion

The Zebra

Austin, TX

Take-home coding challenge with in-person review and pair programming.


Warsaw, Poland; Wroclaw, Poland; Gdansk, Poland; Remote

Team fit interview and then take-home project. Next on-site or remote interview consisting of discussion and live coding based on the delivered code. Focusing on high level questions, architecture and design decisions.



Take-home project with followup interview from actual prospective teammates


San Francisco, CA; Remote

Phone screen/ Take-home project that resembles a problem Truss has seen many times before / Followup interview about the project / Closing Interview, all interviews done remotely


San Fransisco, CA

High level screening over the phone or on-site, take home project, code review and discussion


Berlin, Germany

30-min coding on-site, then a trial day


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Take-home project, Skype interview and then in-person talk.


Toronto, Canada

Pair programming on a problem similar to daily work, discussion of system design


San Francisco, CA & Remote

Short take-home challenge, followed by a paid 3-5 day freelance contract project


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Culture fit and fundamentals chat, skills interview - no whiteboarding! - and take-home project, communication and collaboration interview, meet with the VP of Engineering



A short, fun Node.js challenge, followed by a series of culture-based interview questions, followed by a creative mock project with tons of freedom on how to approach, and follow-up questions about the approach they chose to discuss the tradeoffs. Usually a 10-30 day paid training is rewarded to top candidates to prep them for remote communication skills needed to join a team.

3D Hubs

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Take-home code challenge from our product's domain followed by discussion remote/on-site, sometimes do an additional on-site pair programming session.



Recruiter interview, take-home project, code review of the take-home project, technical discussions with hiring manager and engineers from the team, values interview.


New York, NY & Remote

Skype/Video call with VP of Product and a take-home challenge.