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The list of companies is non exhaustive and only lists the companies with jobs in Arbeitnow. For a longer list, please check the awesome hiring without whiteboards guide

A list of companies (or teams) that don't do technical "whiteboard" interviews. "Whiteboards" is used as a metaphor, and is a symbol for the kinds of CS trivia questions that are associated with bad interview practices. Whiteboards are not bad – CS trivia questions are. Using sites like HackerRank or LeetCode probably fall into a similar category. The companies and teams listed here use interview techniques and questions that resemble day-to-day work. For example, pairing on a real world problem or a paid/unpaid take home exercise.


Paris, France / San Francisco, CA

Takehome project & Onsite discussions and presentation


London, UK

Situational judgement tests focusing on real-world soft skills (online then in structured interview)



short take-home real-world task, then a few weeks-long real-world, part-time, and paid project on production code


New York, NY

Phone interview followed by on-site pair programming to simulate a Betterment feature build.

Big Nerd Ranch

Atlanta, GA & Remote

Interviews and pair programming on an internal project or problem.


London, UK

Video call to show real code as first stage. In office pair programming, white board real world problem that we've encountered before, and history/experience discussion.

CJ Affiliate

Los Angeles, CA & Westlake Village, CA

Phone coding design exercise (no algorithms), followed by an on-site final interview that includes pair programming on a realistic object-oriented design problem


Paris, France

Real-world challenges with open discussions.


Seattle, WA

Take home assignment of a real problem we've worked on, group code review in subsequent interview.

Espeo Software

Poznań, Poland

30 min HR interview, 1 hour technical interview, 1 hour soft skills interview



Take-home challenge, portfolio discussion & team meeting


Berlin, Germany

Take-home real-world challenge, interview on-site or remote


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Take Home test + Discussion On-Site/Remote


Sunnyvale, CA

Pair programming with senior engineers


Warsaw, Poland & Remote

Take-home project, technical interview with developer


Darmstadt, Germany

Technical interview with developers, followed by a full day on site with a practical project


Berlin, Germany

Take-Home project, discussion on-site

K Health

Tel Aviv, Israel

Phone screening to discuss technical background and past experience. Take-home assignment followed by on-site code review and interview. Cultural fit assessment

Malang, Indonesia / Jakarta, Indonesia

Take-home assignment, then invited to discuss the assignment and interview.


San Francisco, CA

Phone interview. Pairing and technical interviews. Take home assigment.


San Francisco, CA

Phone interview followed by onsite pair-architecting and discussion


San Francisco, CA; London, UK & Remote

Hands-on software engineer and system-design interviews that focus on collaboratively building practical applications at scale.


Bangkok, Thailand; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Da Nang, Vietnam

Takehome exercise and specific role discussion


Paris, France

Series of interviews, that go over technical background, past experiences and cultural knowledge

Rapyuta Robotics

Bengaluru, India / Tokyo, Japan / Zurich, Switzerland

Take-home assignment related to our ongoing projects, series of technical / experience based interviews, candidate presentation

San Francisco, CA / Remote

Take-home project and discussion, then an on-site project and discussion


Guadalajara, Mexico

Take-home project, on-site discussion or via Hangouts.


Dnipro, UA

Take-home project, code review and discussion on-site


San Francisco, CA

Pair programming in a work environment


Remote; London, UK

Remote pair programming session on React/Node kata with small takehome exercise as prep. Remote interview with senior engineers about previous experience, technical knowledge and interests.


San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR; Remote

Introductory call, followed by a technical phone screen that takes place on Coderpad. Next is the onsite interview, consisting in a bug squash, a refactoring exercise, a project, and closing with an informal chat about how the candidate likes to work and what they’re looking for in their next job.


Melborne, Australia; London, UK

Phone Cultural Fit interview, Take home-code challenge, pair-programming session and discussion about past experience


Remote; San Francisco, CA; London, UK; Warsaw, Poland; Mumbai, India; Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Coding exercise sometimes over github repository, at least 1 interview with a developer and a lead, no live coding.