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  • About Feniska:

    Feniska is a Berlin-based startup that develops IoT products for cats that enable data tracking of important health metrics. With our Feniska Base, we offer a smart gadget that pet owners can place under the litter box to track to track important health data for their felines. Our app provides daily updates and tips on the cat's health.

    About this position

    Feniska is in search of a Senior Frontend Developer with a rich background in React Native, Expo, and front-end testing frameworks. As part of our diverse, passionate team that holds a deep love for dogs and cats alike, you'll play a pivotal role in developing solutions that prioritize animal welfare and simplify the lives of pet parents.



    • Develop and refine our mobile applications using React Native, ensuring a seamless, intuitive user experience across all platforms.
    • Take charge of architectural decisions for the frontend development, ensuring scalability, performance, and maintainability of the application.
    • Develop and oversee comprehensive testing strategies, including unit, integration, and end-to-end tests, to ensure the application's reliability and user satisfaction.
    • Utilize GitHub Actions to automate workflows, facilitating continuous integration and delivery with high efficiency.
    • Collaborate with product management and cross-functional teams to define and refine product features, roadmaps, and strategies, aligning technical implementation with business goals.


    Technical Stack:

    • Proficiency in React Native and Expo for seamless cross-platform mobile development.
    • Strong experience with frontend testing frameworks to ensure robust, bug-free code.
    • Experience with GitHub Actions for CI/CD pipelines, enhancing code quality and deployment efficiency.
    • Knowledge of data visualization techniques to effectively present complex data in an intuitive manner.
    • Familiarity with IoT products and ecosystems, particularly those related to health and wellness, is highly regarded.
    • Experience with AWS services for hosting, data storage, and application scaling is beneficial.
    • Ability to use Figma for creating high-fidelity mockups, contributing to the product design process is beneficial.

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