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  • Who we are

    rpc – The Retail Performance Company is the consulting company for the entire path to a customer-oriented transformation: from strategy, customer experience design and data analytics to people empowerment and performance management. We have made it our mission to support our clients with holistic solutions from strategy to implementation from a single source. Our focus is on creating inspiring customer experiences for a sustainable and value-adding relationship between brands and end customers.

    rpc was founded in 2013 as a joint venture between the BMW Group and H&Z Unternehmensberatung AG and is represented in ten countries with over 400 employees.


    • Support the development and implementation of Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative AI applications
    • Contribute to concrete customer projects related to web scraping and text or data generation
    • AI-based identification of attributes such as prices from source code or APIs of new car websites
    • Handle data preparation, model training, and evaluation
    • Collaborate with software developers, data engineers and data scientists



    • Currently pursuing master studies in Computer Science or Artificial Intelligence
    • Applied LLM Experience: Familiarity with applying and fine-tuning pre-trained LLMs (such as GPT-4, Claude, Mistral) for usage on own data bases
    • Knowledge of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and Autonomous Agents. Ideally, experience in applying them.
    • Open-Source Frameworks: Proficiency in using open-source frameworks for NLP and generative AI, including libraries like Hugging Face Transformers
    • Experience with generating creative and contextually relevant text using LLMs.


    • Proficiency in Python and experience with machine learning frameworks (e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch).
    • Deep theoretical understanding of generative AI as well as of the required data preparation
    • Self-motivation and interest in exploring new technologies
    • Fluent in English, German C1 and good intercultural communication skills
    • Pragmatism, solution orientation and analytical mindset


    Consulting 2.0

    A consulting environment that constantly reinvents itself: at rpc your project utilization is not bonus-relevant and we offer maximum flexibility, for example through sabbaticals, remote work and part-time work, to ideally complement your personal life situation. We ensure your satisfaction through mentoring, regular happiness checks and a qualified Feelgood Manager

    Salary & Benefits

    Want to take your company car to our company cabin in the Alps? Because our cabin can be rented - also privately - for a small fee. In addition, we offer an extensive benefits program, which includes employee discounts such as gym memberships and a company pension plan. As you can see, we do not define ourselves by the obligatory fruit basket, soccer table, candy cupboard and local coffee (that's a given for us)

    rpc Spirit

    A corporate culture that is better than others - that's just the way it is! Our employees describe us as open, dynamic, friendly and appreciative. We have a strict "no jerks" policy. Decision-making processes are short and hierarchies are flat. The latter can best be experienced at one of our legendary international company events (have you ever rented an entire island in Croatia?)

    Training & Perspectives

    Prospects beyond the next career level: at rpc you have the opportunity to use your strengths according to your individual liking, take on responsibility quickly and actively shape the company. Our in-house rpc academy takes care of everything else

    We are looking forward to your application!

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