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  • Remote 
    EU/Brazil Only
    Up to $100k + Stock

    Argyle is a fast-growing remote-first Series C startup that has reimagined how we access and use employment data.

    At Argyle, we recognize that employment data is owned by the individual it represents. By building the first gateway to employment data, we're unlocking a dataset that has been monopolized by a single giant corporation (name omitted because of decorum) for 70 years. In turn, we're making it easier, faster, better, wiser for innovative companies to put employment data to work for their users, enabling access to products and services that improve lives.

    If you rent an apartment, buy a car, refinance a home, apply for a loan — the first question you'll often be asked is "how do you make money?". You'd think information so foundational to our economy would be simple to manage, transfer and control — but it isn't.

    Argyle is the easiest way for people to instantly share their income and employment data with any product or service. Users exercise complete control over how their data is accessed, and businesses receive real-time access to this data via the Argyle API.

    Our team is a fun and passionate group of people, working remotely across 24 countries and counting. Learn more about our team on our about page.

    About the team

    Interfaces team is probably the most versatile part of Argyle - we try to (and do!) cater to everyone:

    • from random Googlers who are trying to figure out what Argyle is on our Marketing Websites
    • to our less technical customers that instead of coding their own Link integration choose to use our fancy Console
    • to all Argylers who use Admin to oversee what's happening under that Argyle bonnet
    • to our think-tanks who throw our Team-X solutions to the wall and see what sticks
    • and last but not least - there's some wizardry involved in bringing to life the beautiful creations of our Design guild


    • Extensive experience in JavaScript and associated ecosystem
    • Senior-level professional experience with TypeScript and React for 4+ years
    • Capability to contribute to the full stack development: NodeJS in the backend, React in the frontend, Jest in the test environment
    • Highly self-driven, responsible, and able to function autonomously to solve problems and ship features
    • Attention to detail for the final product and the written code
    • Fluent in written and spoken English

    Why Argyle?

    • Remote first company
    • International environment
    • Health Insurance (US Residents Only)
    • Flexible working hours
    • Stock Options
    • Flexible vacation leave
    • $1000 after a month of employment to set up your home office.
    • MacBook Pro
    • Annual company performance bonus

    Argyle embraces diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We believe the more inclusive we are, the better our company will be.

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