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A platform to discover electronic music, artists and events. RA was founded out of a passion for electronic music. Our platform, which started in 2001, helps people discover music, artists and events. Over the years RA has evolved and grown, but our ethos has remained the same. As an independent company staffed entirely by dance music lovers, we're dedicated to shining light on the passionate people and communities around the world that make electronic music tick.We believe that local scenes are at electronic music's core. It's in these communities where DJs get their first gigs, where promoters throw their first parties. It's where like-minded people with a shared passion for electronic music connect and collaborate, forging new ideas, sounds, stories and friendships.Dance floors are incredible places. They bring people together for moments of shared joy and inspiration. They provide safe spaces for the people who need them. There is immense power in the positivity and creativity of electronic music.