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“I’m an artist, you give me a fucking tuba, I’ll get something out of it.” – John Lennon To be a part of our team, you can’t just have a fancy start-up or polished corporate experience. We want our clients to win, so we play hard but always stay true. We never leave our team hanging, and we’re not afraid to take on tasks outside our wheelhouse if it means success. We challenge everything, but toxic vibes have no place here. We constantly learn and experiment, prioritizing speed and agility over polished presentations. We understand personal struggles, but we don’t tolerate BS excuses. We encourage failure, but we demand learnings that will take us to the top. We know other agencies are out there, but frankly, we couldn’t care less. We strive for greatness, but we’ll never sacrifice our values for profit. At Orcus, it’s not just about happiness – it’s about achieving real results and making a lasting impact.