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The list of companies is non exhaustive and only lists the companies with jobs in Arbeitnow. For a longer list, please check Established Remote and Awesome Remote Job guide

A curated list of established remote/distributed/virtual tech companies. The criteria for inclusion are intentionally vague, but the general idea is to include only established tech companies for which a significant portion of the workforce works remotely. Established means that each company is either well-funded or profitable, and tech means that they have more than a handful of software development roles.


Early-stage investing

React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Ruby, Kubernetes


EdTech. Makes software that helps teachers make e-learning courses. Ruby, Node, C#, and .NET for Windows app.


Zero-friction authentication and authorization for developers.

Giant Swarm

Giant Swarm’s managed microservices infrastructure enables enterprises to run agile, resilient, distributed systems at scale, while removing the tasks related to managing the complex underlying infrastructure


Time tracking software.


Open source tools for automating the modern data center. Go, Ruby, Rails, Ember, JavaScript.


Analytics & Feedback tool.


Bitcoin & cryptocurrency exchange

Rust, C++, Go, Python, React, DevOps, Mobile


online customer service software with online chat, help desk software, and web analytics

Modus Create

Modus is a digital design-build agency driven by world-class talent. PHP, JavaScript.


App for buying, investing and sending money. HQ London.