5 Companies with Visa Sponsorship in Germany - 2021

Companies in Germany have been looking abroad for skilled workers due to the high demand and shortage locally, especially in tech. This is pretty well known in startups. Companies with visa sponsorship tend to attract candidates better and so here's a short list below.


We are a global mobility provider, offering new alternatives for convenient, affordable and eco-friendly travel. Thanks to a unique business model and innovative technology, we have quickly established one of the largest long-distance mobility networks in the world – and our journey has just begun.

Jobs for Flix
75 job opportunities open for Workforce Real-Time Manager, (Senior) Media Sales Manager, IT Infrastructure Engineer - Team IT Infra Ops (m/f/d), Accounting Manager, Senior Support Engineer - Team IT Infrastructure Support (m/f/d), (Junior) CRM Automation Manager, (Junior) Marketing Automation Manage…


Wonder is a space where you can connect to others in a more spontaneous and fluid way. You move around freely between groups. It's fun, creative and energizing. We call this concept fluid togetherness, we think it's the future of how people will connect online in future and we're incredibly excited about it. The best thing is that Wonder is going to be a the core of it.

Jobs for Wonder
14 job opportunities open for Content Creator - freelance - (x/f/m), Graphic Designer - freelance - (x/f/m), Growth Marketing Manager - Remote, Head of Design - Remote (x/f/m), Senior Backend Engineer- Remote (x/f/m), Senior Frontend Engineer- Remote (x/f/m) and more


AUTO1 Group offers two car-buying channels for sourcing cars. Our network of wirkaufendeinauto.de brands provides consumers with an easy way to sell their used cars, and our Remarketing solutions for dealers help our partners sell their inventory of used vehicles. The cars are then available on AUTO1 Group's car-selling channels, our consumer brand Autohero, and our wholesale platform for dealers, AUTO1.com.

Jobs for AUTO1
8 job opportunities open for DevOps Specialist in Business Intelligence (f/m/x) at AUTO1 (Berlin, Germany), IT / Media System Administrator, Autohero (f/m/x) at AUTO1 (Berlin, Germany), Senior Java Engineer, Retail (f/m/x) at AUTO1 (Berlin, Germany), Team Lead Java Engineer, Retail (f/m/x) at AUTO1 …

Global Savings Group

Europe’s leading Commerce Content platform for consumer rewards, cashback, shopping info, and savings opportunities. Become part of our network today!

Jobs for Global Savings Group
92 job opportunities open for Senior PHP Backend Developer (m/f/d), Junior Deutschsprachiger Editor Affiliate Marketing (m/w/d), Frontend Developer (m/f/d), Marketing Specialist (m/f/d) and more


HomeToGo is a marketplace with the world's largest selection of holiday rentals, listing millions of offers across thousands of trusted partners.

With a massive portfolio, HomeToGo has renowned accommodation from apartments, cabins, boats, castles, hotels, hostels, and everything in between

HomeToGo helps discover the perfect rental for any occasion, combining price, destination, dates and amenities and an easy and fast booking experience for any trip worldwide.

Jobs for Hometogo
47 job opportunities open for Android Engineer (m/f/d), Software Engineer - Search Experience (m/f/d), Senior Android Engineer (m/f/d), Senior Product Manager - Search Experience (m/f/d), (Senior) Talent Acquisition Manager - Product (m/f/d), (Senior) Talent Sourcer (m/f/d), Administrative Assistant…

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