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Learn what you need to know about Job Relocation

Jobs with Relocation Package

Companies in Germany are offering relocation assistance to make it easier to move abroad.

What is a relocation package for a job?
Relocation package involves covering the expenses for an employee moving for a job. This can be either full or a part of the expenses, usually in the form of reimbursements. Your relocation package will help you settle easier into the new country, which helps you concentrate fully on your new job.
Do all companies which offer relocation assistance also offer visa support?
In some cases, companies only offer relocation assistance for jobs but not visa support. What this usually means is that they are open to candidates already available in the country, as it may take a longer period to hire candidates from abroad.
I found a job without relocation package, what can I do?
Like other things as part of compensation, Relocation Packages can be negotiated. Ask if there is a budget available, or if the employer can set you up with a relocation agency who can make your move easier.
When do companies offer relocation package?
When an employer requests you to move to be in the country, or closer to your work place, they will offer you a relocation package.
How does relocation packages work?
In most cases, your employer will hire a relocation agency for you and they will pay for the services. The relocation agency will then assign you a person (agent) to help you through relocating.
Your agent will start from helping with documents you need to apply for your visa in your home country. They can also help you find appointments for Anmeldung (address registration) or with Ausländerbehörde (foreigner's office) for blue card.
They can also help you find short term or long term apartments, help understand the rental contracts (which will be in German). Relocation agencies can also help your family with the same procedures, so this is not restricted to only you.
Can I do all of this myself without a relocation agency?
Yes, of course. It is just easier with a relocation agency especially when you are new to Germany and do not speak the German language. If you have a budget or your company offers relocation support, I would recommend you to take it.
What is included in the relocation package?
Some of the common things included in a relocation package are
  • Relocation Agency
  • Temporary housing
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Moving company costs
  • Dealing with bureaucracy
How to find jobs with relocation packages?
You are at the right place. Use the filters and search to find jobs that fit your profile with relocation packages.