Über uns

Picture of Adithya

I'm Adithya. In 2018, I moved from India to Berlin, Germany to work as a Software Engineer. When I first moved here, the amount of bureaucracy left me confused and often frustrated by. This starts from finding an apartment, registration (Anmeldung), getting your work visa sorted, etc.

Why I built a job board

Couple of years later, I decided to find a new job. When I used job boards, I was generally dissatisfied with how slow, clunky they were; often with annoying popups asking you to register an account. As a Software Engineer, I decided to solve a problem of mine with the skills that I had.

In a couple of weeks, I had the initial version of the job board working, and I decided to make it online. I chose the name Arbeitnow (Arbeit in German means work) and published it. In April 2021, I found my next job in Berlin through Arbeitnow. With lots of people finding their jobs, it is mentioned as one of the best free job boards in 2022.

I run Arbeitnow in addition to my full-time job. I built it based on what would have helped me in 2018 or 2020. A job board that provides jobs

Now I write guides on how to live in Germany, navigate through bureaucracy on the blog. I build tools to make my life easier like the Salary Calculator — also available in German — to give you (and me) an idea of how much you can earn in Germany.

If you're curious about more, follow me on social media, or write me an email.