How to request a Job Referral over LinkedIn

Requesting an employee referral for job application increases your chances of getting an interview. Here's how you can do this the right way.

How an email to 'the HR of your dream company' or 'employee working at one who you hope, will refer you' should look like.

Some key things to keep in mind:

  1. Don't expect the receiver to work (other than anything to refer you, even the HR doesn't remember all the openings there are
  2. Find that right person
  3. Keep the subject precise with clear reason of contacting them and the email/message passionate, short and simple
  4. But still include all the information in one single message, don't double tex
  5. Be humble, as you are the one requesting and need the help
  6. Personalize your message, it should not feel like a copy paste you are sending everyone in your contact list. If so, it will be ignored like a spam.

Other obvious things:
a) Have a killer resume (also, include all the information needed for referral portal in that)
b) email at a convenient time (as per the receiver's timezone)
c) proofread
d) include your availability and a clear way to contact you.

I would recommend you to write one by yourself (and DM me a copy if you wish), here's an example to build upon:

Example of what not to do and what to do when asking for a job referral
Hello {name},

My name is {your name} and I am writing to introduce myself and ask for a small help. I am currently seeking a new opportunity in {skill} and {skill}. As of right now, I work for {current company} as a {position}, however, I am interested in applying for the open position at your company {position}, link: {link from career portal}. I think I could offer this organization {passionate phrase personalized for this job}.

I am also attaching my resume for your reference.
Please let me know if you have time within the next couple of weeks to speak over the phone or chat more. I am available at any IST friendly time.

Kindly consider. I will really appreciate it.

{your name}‌‌
{phone number, email}‌‌
{links to LinkedIn (if not sending over LinkedIn), github, leetcode}

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