Applying for Germany Work Visa - 2022

How to fill the work visa application for Germany

In 2018, when I wanted to work in Germany, the visa application process seemed daunting. Aside from the uncertainty over requiring German for jobs in Germany, filing a work visa application can be stressful. I followed the official documentation,  read a lot online and had my fingers crossed that I had everything right. I hope that this guide helps you with filling the work visa application form for Germany.

For a Schengen visa, you can apply at VFS Global (Visa Facilitation Services Global).

For a work visa or job seeker visa, you can apply directly at a Consulate or Embassy if you're in Chennai or Bengaluru. If not, through VFS Global. I did it in Chennai after booking an appointment online via Appointments for German National Visas.

Update: As of 2022 April, VFS seems to be handling all National Work Visas for Germany.

Luckily, there is now an online portal available in English that makes it easier to fill the application. At the top left of the page, you can choose the language. All required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). I will try to keep this guide as updated as possible but please always verify with the official documentation.

From for national visa (long term stay)
From for national visa (long term stay)

Personal details

Personal details must be filled as it is in your official document (Passport, residence ID, etc)

  • * Family name
  • Name at birth/former family name(s): Optional field if you have a middle name
  • * First name(s)
  • * Date of birth ( - Standard German date format
  • * Place of birth: This is present in the Indian passport, usually below your nationality
  • * Country of birth
  • * Sex
  • * Marital status
  • * Current Nationality: Usually the same as your country of birth unless you gained citizenship elsewhere
  • Former nationality
  • Do you have children? (Please also include children over the age of 18 or children who are not traveling with you.): Being married or having children can determine benefits for you later while in Germany - commonly for tax classes and children allowance (Kindergeld)
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Parents of the applicant

This should be filled as present in your parent's official documentation. In the case of not knowing your parent's information, I would recommend either your guardian's information or doing the paper form of the application, skipping it and adding a note in your cover letter and application form. I could not find any official documentation on what to do in this case.

If the parent is already deceased, mention that in the place of residence fields.

  • * Family name of father: Last name of father
  • * First name(s) of father
  • Nationality of father
  • * Father's date of birth: use format
  • * Father's place of birth
  • * Father's place of residence: Current city, town, or place of residence
  • * Family name of father: Last name of father
  • * First name(s) of mother
  • Nationality of mother
  • * Mother's date of birth: use format
  • * Mother's place of birth
  • * Mother's place of residence: Current city, town or place of residence

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  • * Occupation learned: If you're in tech or software engineering like me, choose "Computer expert". Occupation learned is particularly useful and required when applying for EU Blue Card as your education should match your occupation unless you qualify with other alternative options.
  • further information where applicable: If your occupation is not present in the list, choose "Other professions" in Occupation learned and enter your profession here
  • Current occupation (if different): If your current occupation is different from what you learned or trained for.
  • further information where applicable

Contact data

Current address and contact details - As present in your official documentation

  • * Street
  • * House number
  • Other address information: Floor, etc.
  • * Postal code
  • * Town/city
  • * Country
  • * Telephone/mobile number: Include the country code starting with a +
  • Email: Optional field but it's useful in case they try to get in touch with you, or if you do so they can link it to your application

Is your residence in a country other than that of your current nationality? Tick yes if you are living in a different country. In that case, you will fill these fields.

Details on the applicant's right to reside in place of residence

  • Type of residence permit
  • Residence permit number
  • Valid until ( from Launch Assistant on - Please enter until when the applicant's residence permit is valid. If the residence permit is valid for an unlimited period, please enter the expiry date of the residence permit or otherwise the expiry date of the passport.

Identification papers

  • * Type of travel document: Passport / ID / etc
  • * Travel document number
  • * Date of issue (
  • * Valid until ( Make sure your document is valid. Your document will usually need to be valid at least for 3 months before arrival.
  • * Issuing state:
  • Issued by: the authority which granted you the travel document
  • Issued in: Location where it was issued

Travel data

  • * Purpose of stay in the Federal Republic of Germany: If you're going to study, work, travel for tourism, etc.
  • If applicable, intended employment: If you are not planning to take up any form of employment, then you may leave this field blank.
  • * From ( From when you plan to stay in Germany / Schengen area
  • * To ( until when you plan to stay in Germany / Schengen area
  • I intend to stay for no longer than twelve months in the Federal territory and apply for a visa that covers the entire duration of my stay: Please select "Yes" if you are sure that the stay will not exceed 12 months and the visa is to be issued for the entire period. In this case, a specific date must be entered under "To".


Educational establishment/company/organisation

  • * Type of reference: Reference person (usually for family visits), Educational establishment/company/organisation (for work), Accredited Diplomat
  • * Name of the educational establishment, company, or organisation: Name of your employer as present in the work contract

Most of these are optional, however I recommend you include as much information as possible. You should find most of these in your work contract and from your contact person at your new employer. You can also submit a digital copy of your work contract, as long as it is signed by you & your employer.

  • Organisation's place of business, town/city:
  • Organisation's place of business, country:
  • Organisation's objectives/area of activity:
  • Name of the register of the organisation: Look at the footer of the contract usually, or on the website
  • Location of register
  • Register number

These fields are for the person (usually Human Resource) who may be contacted for confirmation or clarification in case of questions.

  • * Family name of contact person:
  • * First name(s) of contact person:
  • Sex:
  • Date of birth (
  • Place of birth:
  • Nationality:

The following fields are about the employer / organization and not the contact person.

  • * Street:
  • * House number:
  • * Postal code:
  • * Town/city:
  • * Country:
  • * Telephone/mobile number:
  • Email: Could be either a generic email or the contact person's email

Means of support and details regarding the stay

  • What are your means of support in the Federal Republic of Germany?: Employment will be the means of your support - meaning that you will receive a salary to support your life.
  • Has a formal declaration of commitment been completed? (Please only confirm this information if you have a formal declaration of commitment that has been checked and certified by a German authority.)

    • No
    • Yes, by the reference
    • Yes, by a different sponsor

    If you do choose yes, you might have to fill the fields on which authority certified and when.

  • Intended place of stay in the Federal Republic of Germany: Where you plan to stay if you have an apartment or hotel reservation already. If not, then skip.
  • * Postal code: Please enter the five-digit postal code of the planned place of stay (place of residence) in Germany.
  • * Town/city: Please enter the town/city where you intend to register. If the precise address is not yet known, you may also enter the address of the educational establishment/employer.
  • How will you be accommodated? Choose an option / skip.
  • Do you intend to retain your permanent residence outside the Federal Republic of Germany?: If you plan to maintain residence in India, click yes and enter the country name / home address.
  • Do family members intend to accompany you?: Please select this field if family members will also enter Germany for a long-term stay. And you could specify if it's a partner or children. As far as I know, only spouses and children are considered immediate family. Exceptions are possible, but pretty rare.
  • Do you have health insurance (for a longer stay) for the Federal Republic of Germany?: Your employer can set this up before your arrival. In any case, when you arrive, a travel insurance is sufficient until you sign up with health insurance.

Understand the differences and sign up for public health insurance or private health insurance.

Previous stays in the Federal Republic of Germany

  • Have you ever been to the Federal Republic of Germany before? If yes, you can enter the details as present in your visa history.


  • * Have you ever been convicted?
  • * Have you ever been expelled or deported from the Federal Republic of Germany, had an application for a residence permit rejected, or been refused entry into the Federal Republic of Germany?
  • * Do you suffer from any of the following diseases? Smallpox, poliomyelitis, types of influenza not common in humans (e.g. "bird flu", "swine flu"), acute pandemic influenza, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), cholera, pneumonic plague, yellow fever, viral haemorrhagic fever (e.g. Ebola, Lassa, Marburg)

Congratulations, you made it through! You can save the application and continue. There will be a file that's downloaded that you can print for your application. Make sure you have all the accompanying documents when submitting.

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