How to Make Your Remote Job Application Stand Out

remote jobs receive hundreds of applications for a single position, yet only a select pool of applicants will move on to the interview process. Therefore, it's important that you learn how to make your remote job application stand out...

Remote jobs are becoming more and more prominent with companies all over the world. In fact, some experts predict that as much as 70 percent of the workforce will work remotely in at least some capacity by 2025.

Remote jobs offer numerous benefits to employees, but this also means that each remote job advertised online receives a large number of applicants. Some remote companies receive hundreds of applications for a single position, yet only a select pool of applicants will move on to the interview process. Therefore, it's important that you learn how to make your remote job application stand out so you don't get lost in the sea of applicants who also applied for your dream job.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

Most of the time, your resume is the first thing a potential employer will look at. Therefore, you need to really make a great first impression with a stand out resume that is both attention-grabbing and easy-to-read.

This is how you can land your next Remote Job:

Tailor Your Resume to the Job

Many remote job seekers don’t realize how quickly employers scroll through resumes. Unfortunately, this means that many people recycle the same resume over and over again with little or no success. However, if you tailor your resume to the job and company with which you’re applying, you’re not only more likely to catch the attention of the hiring employer, but you’re more likely to land an interview.

When revamping your resume for a specific remote position, pull keywords from the job description and work them into the skills listed on your resume. Also, list measurable achievements from your previous jobs, not just tasks you completed on a daily basis. These small changes will really help your resume stand out from the crowd and will help you attract more attention.

Choose A Practical Layout

While you want your resume to catch your prospective employer's attention, you still want to make sure a hiring manager or human resources staff member can easily locate all the information they need to set up an interview or follow-up with additional questions. Therefore, you want to select a resume layout that is eye-catching, but also practical.

When outlining your resume content, make sure all of your contact info appears towards the top so that recruiters can call or email you. Also, make sure that you choose a font size that's easy to read without zooming in or zooming out on the document. To make your skills and achievements easier to digest, use bullet points and tables to your advantage. And, of course, don't be afraid to add in some splashes of color so your resume isn't too bland.

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Use Your Cover Letter to Highlight Remote Work Skills

In addition to a resume, many remote employers will ask for a cover letter when you apply for a position through their website or a job board. While cover letters often frustrate applicants, they're actually another way for you to make yourself stand out from the crowd. However, a carefully crafted cover letter requires time, energy, and a willingness to brag about yourself a little.

Mention Relevant Experience Early

If you have previous work experience in a remote position, you should absolutely highlight that within the first paragraph or two of your cover letter. Be sure to mention any stellar achievements or experiences you gained through that previous position, and explain what your experience can really bring to the table for this prospective employer (this may require some research into the company).

Even if you don't have direct experience in a remote job, think about ways you've collaboratively utilized technology in past positions and explain how you'll transfer these experiences into the position for which you're applying. These indirect experiences may include collaborative projects in Google Docs, using web-based task management software like Trello or Asana, or hosting video conferences with co-workers. All of these experiences can give you a leg up on the competition.

Do Your Homework

While you absolutely want to show off your skills and experience in your cover letter, you also want to use it as an opportunity to show your prospective employer just how much you know about their company. You can use phrases like, "I feel my skill set can help your company reach their goal of…" or similar lingo to stress how you're a match for what the company is looking for. Similarly, you can express your excitement over specific perks the company offers, like a four-day work week or specialized training. Just remember that you need to deliver on this company knowledge again during the interview process, so it's worth doing the homework before you apply.

Boost Your Online Presence

We live in a time when your online presence matters more than ever before. A large number of recruiters and hiring managers do a quick Google search or glance over the social media profiles of their applicants because they feel like it provides a more realistic view of the applicants before they interview them. In fact, some experts predict that websites like LinkedIn will replace traditional resumes within the next decade, which means it's time to start building a strong online presence now.

Your online presence may be especially important if you're applying for a remote position in a specific field. For example, if you're seeking a job in copywriting or graphic design, a strong online portfolio can really help you stand out from the crowd. In other industries, like computer programming or project management, your online profile can serve more as a networking tool, and sometimes the mutual connections you share with a prospective boss can help you gain credibility.

If you're looking for ways to boost your online presence, start small with your LinkedIn profile or a basic website, then build from there. Also, look to leaders in your industry for examples of what this online presence may look like since the types of things employers look for varies based on the job for which you're applying. Building a strong presence takes time, even in the digital world.

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