Job Board API

A public free Job Board API with jobs from Applicant Tracking Systems

When I first started building Arbeitnow, I had issues finding a proper Job Board API. As a software developer, I was always on the lookout for public APIs that can be used to build a side project, or to experiment with a new programming language. Today, I'm happy to open up a free Job Board API that contains some of the latest jobs in Europe.

If you are looking for a jobs aggregator, or api for job postings, you're at the right place.

Free Job Search API

You can find the Free Job Search API on the job board, requires no API key and API has been documented. This provides jobs from multiple job sources integrated in a consistent format, mostly from Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) such as

  • Greenhouse
  • SmartRecruiters
  • Team Tailor
  • Recruitee
  • Comeet

Since the data is powered by these top Applicant Tracking Systems, this jobs API can provide you jobs data that is accurate and direct from the employers. Includes a field remote which indicates if the job posting is a remote job or not. This is suitable if you only want to display remote jobs.

Indeed API

One of the most sought after public job board API is from Indeed. Unfortunately, the Indeed API is no longer maintained and it requires a published account which we cannot obtain anymore. This may change in the future but currently, this is not an option.

Other Jobs Search APIs

While the Indeed API is one of the popular job board API, luckily for us, it's not the only one. Here's a great list of public job board APIs maintained on GitHub. For quick reference, I have included the list below.

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Adzuna Job board aggregator apiKey Yes Unknown
Arbeitsamt API for the "Arbeitsamt", which is a german Job board aggregator OAuth Yes Unknown
Careerjet Job search engine apiKey No Unknown
DevITjobs UK Jobs with GraphQL No Yes Yes
Findwork Job board apiKey Yes Unknown
GraphQL Jobs Jobs with GraphQL No Yes Yes
Indeed Jobs search engine OAuth Yes Unknown
Jobs2Careers Job aggregator apiKey Yes Unknown
Jooble Job search engine apiKey Yes Unknown
Juju Job search engine apiKey No Unknown
Open Skills Job titles, skills and related jobs data No No Unknown
Reed Job board aggregator apiKey Yes Unknown
The Muse Job board and company profiles apiKey Yes Unknown
Upwork Freelance job board and management system OAuth Yes Unknown
USAJOBS US government job board apiKey Yes Unknown
ZipRecruiter Job search app and website apiKey Yes Unknown

There is also another great resource to find Job Search APIs on RapidAPI.

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