How to Integrate Recruitee with Arbeitnow

How to publish jobs for free from Recruitee with Arbeitnow

Recruitee is a powerful software that makes hiring easy. Designed with growing teams in mind, Recruitee is built to help companies launch their hiring, scale their teams, and lead their organizations
Arbeitnow being listed on Recruitee Marketplace
Arbeitnow being listed on Recruitee Marketplace

Companies can now opt into include their open job positions on Arbeitnow automatically from the Recruitee portal, here's how:

1. Go to the Jobs section and click Edit next to the job you’d like to promote.
2. Select Arbeitnow and click Publish

Publishing on Arbeitnow
Publishing on Arbeitnow

That's it! Arbeitnow will include your jobs in a couple of hours and will be listed on the jobs section. Jobs from Recruitee are available on our free job posting API.

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