4 Day Work Week Benefits for Employers

How 4 day work week jobs can benefit Employers and Employees along with remote jobs

When employers are considering changing to a 4 day work week, the main question they have is, “How will this benefit my company?” It’s great if the employees consider the 4 day work week beneficial but does that translate into increased profits for the company?

Does utilizing a 4 day work week help your company grow? Will you be able to build a strong reputation or have happier clients?

Keep reading to find out how helping your employees can benefit your company.

#1 Employees have better focus

Employees who transition to working 4 days a week instead of 5 know that it is especially important for them to be focused. If they aren’t focused, they still need to get their work done and they may end up working that fifth day.

When staff have meetings, they keep them short by getting right to the point. Many employees opt to do away with meetings in favor of group emails. Managers become better at crafting emails that answer all the questions so they can avoid back and forth conversations that take up time. Employees become better at communications to avoid wasting time.

To become more focused and efficient with their time, staff learn to put phones away, schedule their time, and prepare better before beginning tasks. When companies provide them with the tools they need to be more productive, employees have even more success.

Over time, employees can get more work done in less time. This frees them up to do other projects or take on more responsibility.

#2 Happier and healthier employees mean fewer absences

Employees who work a 4 day work week have 3 days a week to play, spend time with friends and family, engage in group sports, take care of household activities like shopping, cooking, and cleaning, and anything else they want to do. It might not seem like a big deal, but having time to do these kinds of things are the factors that lead to better physical health and mental well-being.

Happy and healthy employees show up to work. They request fewer days off for mental health, to take care of children, and go to appointments - like doctor’s appointments.

Not only do they show up to work but they also do a better job. They are focused on their jobs because they are less distracted by stressors at home.

4 day work week jobs in Tech and Startups with remote options
4 day work week jobs provide better work-life balance while improving productivity for companies in Tech and Startups

#3 More engaged employees

Staff who work a 4 day work week experience many benefits that in turn, make them more engaged employees. Engaged staff enjoy their jobs more, have more passion, think more creatively, and embrace challenges.

Creative thinkers are better problem solvers and better leaders.

They can come up with solutions to problems on their own, rather than feeling the need to run to a manager for the answer. This gives managers more time to do their jobs.

As leaders, creative thinkers help their team to become more effective and come up with new and innovative ideas. Teams that are encouraged to be creative can help businesses become leaders in their industry.

When employers have engaged staff members, there is less time spent on non-work activities and fewer absences.

#4 Increased retention levels of employees

As more employers offer a 4 day work week to employees, job seekers are giving these companies a higher priority. Having an extra day a week to spend with their families or doing things they find relaxing is a huge plus for most people.

Employees who work the 4 day work week enjoy the benefits of a higher quality of life and better mental and physical health. As a result, they are less likely to look for another job.

When a company is required to spend less time recruiting new employees and training new staff members, they save money. They spend less time teaching and more time helping their employees build on their skills. These companies also spend less money on advertising for employees and they do not need to utilize recruiters as often. That makes the 4 day work week a profitable option for employers.

#5 Clients will be more satisfied

One of the most important things companies need to grow is happy customers. Happy customers tell other people they are happy. Happy customers come back and continue to be clients.

When your customers can work with the same staff over and over again, have problems solved faster, and benefit from innovative products and services that fulfill their needs, they will experience more satisfaction. Satisfied customers only multiply!

#6 Some staff may be able to transition to remote work

Not everyone can complete their work remotely. It requires focus and self-discipline and practice. However, when staff get used to working a 4 day work week, they can learn these skills. Some companies may consider offering remote work to employees who are thriving under the 4 day work week.

Employers may give some staff the option to work from home part-time and come to the office part-time. They might also be able to help some staff members transition to a fully remote job.

Why offer remote jobs?

Companies that offer the ability to work remotely in positions such as remote software jobs, remote marketing jobs, and other remote jobs save money on big expenses.

When employees work remotely, companies have lower overhead expenses. They don’t need to have a building with as many offices. This decreases expenses like utilities and cleaning.

#7 When employees benefit, companies benefit

Sometimes the best way for companies to grow and increase profits is by making sure their employees are happy and content. Staff who have a good work-life balance get sick less, have better mental health and perform better on the job.

Companies who transition thoughtfully and carefully to a 4 day work week or remote jobs, experience growth and an increase in profits because they make employees a priority.

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