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  • We are a team of passionate software engineers, product managers, and designers that enjoy building outstanding web and mobile applications.

    Millions of people use our apps. We work for companies of all sizes; from 1-person startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. We take a collaborative and product development approach, creating custom software that people will love to use and solving our clients' problems so that they can focus on what they do best - better.

    If you want to grow together, work on challenging products and enjoy using the best tools and practices, Nimble is the right place for you! We keep our recruitment process practical and straightforward.

    To learn more about how we work, check our handbook named CompassGithub organization, and Medium account. 

    Want to see what we have built? Check our Dribbble and Behance accounts.

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    What You Will Do

    • Ensure the top quality of our web and mobile applications to exceed our clients' expectations.
    • Manage effectively a product lifecycle from specification through delivery and maintenance.
    • Align the product vision with the clients' team and stakeholders.
    • Communicate constantly with clients.
    • Prepare product specifications, define and plan user stories for the developers, design test cases, and test features.
    • Collaborate with the senior team to define the internal processes and initiatives to help the company accomplish its mission.

    Why you'll love working here

    • You will be proud of any product that has our name on it.
    • We are an engineering-focused company. Both co-founders are software engineers and led the tech teams at the most prominent e-commerce powerhouses in South East Asia.
    • We really pay attention and care about processes, high quality, and aesthetics.
    • Strong processes. We not only believe but also really work following agile principles. Developers work on well-sized and well-defined user stories, do estimate using points and work iteratively in short sprints (1-2 weeks).
    • The vast amount of learning resources (Pluralsight, Pragpub, Leanpub, (e-)books, etc.).
    • 2 years or more of professional experience in a similar role.
    • A good experience with software development
    • A degree in Computer Science or related fields is preferred.
    • Passion and experience in web and mobile applications, startups and cutting edge technology.
    • Not being afraid to roll up your sleeves to get things done.
    • Understanding of agile development.
    • High attention to detail.
    • Ability to organize your own work and create work for others.
    • Looking for a leadership role, hence soft skills such as negotiation and evaluating/proposing creative alternatives are required.
    • Very articulate, opinionated, decisive and is at ease to interact with clients
    • Proficient in English communication.
    • Located in time zone +/-2 hours from Bangkok, Thailand (GMT+7).

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