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  • Product People provides Interim Product Management services for parental leaves or slow hiring. We do the unglamorous hands-on work of a Product Manager/Owner or Product Leader on an interim/fractional basis at ~100 different companies per year. We serve clients only via our in-house Product Managers who onboard fast, align teams, and deliver outcomes. Clients include Zalando, DeepL, Ecosia and the World Health Organization (WHO).

    About The Role

    Scale Product People by acquiring new ideal/strategic clients for our interim product management services. Our existing clients are super happy with us. Your job is to bring new clients to try us out.

    In this Senior position, you will be the owner of the Sales process and responsible for its end-to-end structure and organization. You will seek guidance and buy-in from with our Leadership Team to complete the following main tasks:

      • Evolve our demand generation processes, experiment with new approaches and strategies as we continue to scale and meet our growth targets;
      • Identify and analyze target prospects based on market, firmographic, and product signals; create the strategy for lead generation to automate outreach, set up and continuously refine the strategy;
      • Investigate both new and existing accounts while keeping on top of market trends, the state of the market competition, and technology advancements affecting client contact and communication channels, which can help us decide on our strategic priorities. 
      • Communicate to prospective clients a compelling narrative about what we do and deliver: what problem we solve, for whom, how, and why solving this problem matters in the first place;
      • Track all leads in an organized, structured way in our internal tools, setup and evolve related processes for lead tracking and follow-up; 
      • Set personal and company metrics for measuring the success of our sales efforts;
      • Identify, propose and take ownership of initiatives that make us stronger as a team, help us deliver outstanding results for our clients faster, and optimize long-term profitability and growth;
      • Meet or exceed monthly goals for qualification meetings and pipeline creation by meeting daily and monthly activity metrics.
      • Shared the acquired knowledge with the team, train junior sales team members, identify and suggest ways of involving our PM  experts in the sales process.
    • What this role doesn't entail:
      • Setting up and reviewing contracts 
      • Inside sales 

    About You

    • You are enthusiastic about the idea of embarking on a journey with us and have already experience working with clients, particularly in the DACH-region. 
    • Influence without authority. Effectively manage various stakeholder groups consisting of strong personalities. People want to work with you again and again.
    • You are autonomous, organize your day efficiently and optimize for low maintenance, high results (this includes researching before asking someone for specific information, coming up with solutions to issues, not just questions).
    • You have a knack for establishing connections and are eager to collaborate with internal teams in a startup's fast-paced atmosphere.
    • You have great focus on structure and detail, as well as a strong sense of self-direction and time management. 
    • Show fast progress. You find quick wins and show signs of a fast turnaround while building our long-term strategic goals. 
    • You have excellent written and oral communication skills. You write concise updates and are friendly and persuasive with prospective clients.
    • You are comfortable working in a fully remote team.
    • You should be EU-based and within CET +/- 2 hours.

    What Makes Us Special

    • Accelerate your personal and career growth. 10x your learning and networking opportunities by being exposed to multiple companies and teams each year. We give timely, candid, and direct feedback and expect you to do the same. We run 3-month performance reviews for each person. This helps us improve the team, maintain quality of service and proactively promote people who show sustained performance at the next level.
    • Structured onboarding and support network. Who says small companies need to be chaotic? Our onboarding guide contains everything you need, and if you need more, there's our #help channel! We proactively share our learning with each other through sharing sessions and help each other resolve complex situations through rubber-ducky peer-mentoring. 
    • Levels tied to compensation. Your compensation changes when your title and level change. This is not the case with other companies (e.g. someone promotes, but they don't earn more money afterward). 
    • Paid sabbatical accrued every 3 years. You get a paid month off every 3 years, on top of your regular holiday allowance. You can also optionally take a 1-month unpaid sabbatical every 12 months.
    • [optional] 4-day workweek. Free up space and time to pursue an MBA, travel for a longer time, or just do nothing. Our default is a 5-day workweek, you can opt in and out of a 4-day workweek with at least one month's notice to minimize the impact on the team's workload. The compensation impact is 80% of the salary in years 1-2, 85% of the salary in years 3, and 90% of the salary in years 4+.
    • Remote working. We work distributed first. We recommend setting up a dedicated workspace for which you can choose to expense a MacBook, external monitor, ring light, room divider, and plants. As it can sometimes get lonely, consider that you'll need to proactively schedule in-person meetings, sports, or other activities that provide a good cutoff and help you recharge after work. 
    • Don't like the job title? Here's your chance to make it your own. We are open to modifying your title based on your suggestions.

    Please check out the Prospective Candidate FAQs for more detailed information about Product People.

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