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  • Is this really you? An experienced Node Operator with knowledge and interest in Golang, Rust or Node.js? Maybe with a passion for blockchain and web3? If not, you can still scroll down to
    the "joke of the day" and grab a laugh before continuing your day. If yes – take a
    closer look at the role and take a laugh afterwards! :)

    As a service provider in blockchain technology and node operator the company operates its own data center in Chicago.


    In your role as a node operator, you are responsible for deploying and managing the blockchain node infrastructure, while writing ansible playbooks, building blockchains, monitoring CI/CD pipelines and implementing updates as well as introducing new software. You will ensure the continuous operation of blockchain networks and actively monitor all the systems in case of performance and security.


    To manage these tasks, the following requirements are expected:

    • Experience with Ansible Playbooks
    • Network know how to open & close ports and TCP-IP based protocols
    • Certain skills with Linux-Ubuntu & Debian
    • Know How in virtualization & automatization (Ansible, Docker or Terraform)
    • Basic experience (reading or scripting) with Rust, node.JS or Golang


    As they are valuing work and the experience you bring, you can expect up to 100.000€/p.a. Within this range, all realistic proposals are welcome.    

    & ELSE?    

    You can work from home or from the workspace in Chicago, if you want to.

    You have various opportunities for further training, as well as allowances for retirement pension plan and the option of a job bike.

    Can we hear a “Hell yeah?” from you after reading this? Might this be you in your new job?

    Then do not hesitate to apply!

    And as we promised – no matter if you see yourself in the role or not - here comes the joke of the day:

    “3 Database admins walk into a NoSQL bar

    They soon walk out because they couldn't find a table.”

    We hope you had fun for a moment! :)

    We are the myTalenscout crew and are looking forward to hearing from you!

    Let´s get to know each other on an equal footing.

    We are recruiters, not CV robots, and want you to take this job only if it fits your long-term plans, your life goals, and your professional goals. This is our mission, which is why a resume is more than just a piece of paper to us. Sustainable, transparent, and fair - we promise!

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    See you there! :)

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