4 Day Work Week can improve Employee's productivity

4 day work week jobs has a tangible benefit for both employee and employers.

4 Day Work Week can improve Employee's productivity
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The old school of thought regards work as a form of worship, while the new school of thought views work as a natural part of life. For millennials, work ethic is thought to be secondary, or ‘just a part of life.’

Thus, making Work-life balance an important aspect of a healthy work environment especially for millennials and the upcoming workforce.

We all, Employees and employers unanimously agree that Maintaining work-life balance helps in reducing stress and prevents burnout in the workplace.

Employers are putting in a lot of effort to appeal to millennial workers. Organizations are creating a work environment that prioritizes work-life balance, while enabling employers to save money and maintain a healthier, more productive workforce. Companies offering 4 day work weeks have proved to improve work life balance as well as increased productivity.

To satiate the desires of millennial employees, many employers are overcompensating by adding game rooms and beanbags to spruce up the work environment making workspaces more “millennial-friendly.”

As everyone has their own choices, we bring you the essential aspects of Work-Life balance:

1.Work Life Balance leads to Less Stress:

It is really important to create boundaries between work and home. The one critical aspect of creating boundaries is learning the art to say “NO”.

The clear boundaries will help you to plan and navigate the day in a balanced structured manner. Thus, you can get time for mindfulness, physical activities and more importantly enjoy your family time.

And a balanced day would definitely reduce stress not just at the workplace but at home too.

2. Work Life Balance leads to More engagement:

Having an engaged workforce will lead employees going to ‘an extra mile’ for companies and becoming loyal advocates for the brand and product. According to Tower Perrin’s global survey; “Companies with higher levels of employee engagement have improved 19.2% in operating income while companies having low levels of employee engagement declined 32.7% in operating income."

As confirmed by Temkin Group, “Engaged workers are likely to stay 2.5 times at work late if something needs to be urgently done after the normal workday ends.”

3. Work Life Balance leads to Better Physical Health:

If you're like the majority of working professionals, you're probably chained to a desk most of the day and glued to your couch at night due to exhausting work. Am I right?

That means you're barely moving, almost always sitting, and almost never exploring the world outside your home.

The simple fact is that as humans we were not designed to sit for long extended hours. We are also not meant to be confined indoors.

We're meant to stand, move, and go outside!!

So, Let’s explore the world on foot, car, train, and flight.

Just keep moving and exploring!!

4. Work Life Balance leads to an Increase in Creative Thinking:

When you’re stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious at work, you have genuinely no capacity to think creatively. But with work life balance comes more clear and creative thinking. And that means a better work response too!

Creating more balance in your life will give you a breathing space to think, which will allow your subconscious to bubble up creative thoughts to the surface.

5. Work Life Balance will make you more productive:

The thing that will make you more productive is a better work life balance.

Think about it: when you’ll be feeling better both mentally and physically, are more focused and present. You will be able to think more clearly, calmly, and creatively. Plus, you’ll be highly motivated to work hard.

This sums up is that you’re more likely to perform great productivity at a higher level because of your balanced lifestyle.

Keep hunting for joy in your life, be it workplace or at home.

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